Check-Inn Property Management System

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Imagine training new employees in hours, rather than days. Picture integrated night auditing and a customizable rate system. Envision a sleek, swift reservation system capable of supporting properties with up to 350 rooms. All of this and more can be yours with Innsoft’s Check-Inn property management system.

We know what it’s like to run a hotel. So we’ve integrated everything property managers need: Easy data backup, organized daily and monthly reports, and accounts receivable billing information. Check-Inn can also email confirmations, folios, invoices and reports.

Innsoft also offers a wide range of software, hardware, and service options. Add Point of Sale software, Voice Mail access, Card Lock activation, and even Movie Interfaces to track guests’ entertainment charges. Plus, zoom through credit card processing with our secure Credit Card Processing Interface.

PricingWe have worked with independent hotel property managers for more than twenty years, so we also recognize the importance of multiple reservation streams. Our two-way booking engine, the Connect-Inn Booking Button, is a commission-free online reservation interface that automatically books rooms from your website. We also offer GDS and OTA interfaces.

Here at Innsoft, we are passionate about helping our clients fill more rooms while wowing guests with a streamlined reservation process. Contact us today for more information on how our comprehensive software and hardware systems can optimize your operations.

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Key Features of Check-Inn By Innsoft, Inc.

Check-Inn stands out from other hotel property management systems. It is intuitive, even for entry-level computer users. We charge no cost per reservation, and no commissions. Main software features include:

  • Competitive, one-time cost for all hotel property management software options.* Cut costs by paying only for what you need.
  • Seamless integration with online reservation interfaces (GDS,, Expedia, and Booking Button) for low, flat annual fees.*
  • Links multiple computers with a one-time network upgrade purchase.*
  • Reduced staff training costs—our software is easy to learn with a couple hours of practice.
  • Trouble-free daily audit reporting to streamline operations.
  • Fully customizable rate system with yield management tools.
  • Point of sale, voice mail, and movie interfaces available.*
  • Easy-to-read daily, monthly, and shift reports.
  • Credit card processing interface available.*
  • Comprehensive accounts receivable billing system.
  • The Connect-Inn Booking Button takes reservations directly from your hotel website.*
  • Email function for confirmations, folios, invoices, and reports.
  • Integrated Advanced ID Scanner and Signature Pad available.*
  • Group booking features.
  • Individual password protected accounts for each Check-Inn user.
  • Customizable shift reports.
  • Superior tracking of guest activity, such as reservation changes and cancellations.
  • Service Contract status reminders—we let you know when it’s time to renew your technical Service Contract.
  • Downloadable monthly Check-Inn software updates for hotels with active Service Contracts.

*Purchase of any optional software, hardware, or services requires an active Service Contract for Check-Inn. The Service Contract must be maintained for any online reservation interfaces (GDS,, Expedia, and Booking Button). Contact Innsoft for information about your software licenses and Service Contract status.