Yield Management

Check-Inn for Windows v5.0 is one of the most recognized names in hotel software.  But sometimes many great features of Check-Inn are overlooked. One of the most underutilized features is Yield Management.

The most recent version of Check-Inn has a true yield management rate system.  With advanced rates you can setup your rates based on current or future occupancy.  For instance:  You can set the rates to automatically increase if your hotel has an occupancy greater than 60%, 70%, 80%, etc.  The rates can also be setup to automatically lower once occupancy falls below a pre-set threshold.

Yield Management can be used for our optional internet reservation interfaces.  When you have an active Service Contract for the Check-Inn Property Management System you can purchase interfaces to:  GDS providers, Booking.com (may include Priceline), and Expedia.com and affiliates.  We also have an online booking engine for your website called Direct Inn.  Unlike other online booking engines, Direct Inn includes a 2-way interface to Check-Inn.  This automates the reservation entry process and will automatically update your website with rates and availability.

Check-Inn includes the ability to track exactly where your revenue is coming from by utilizing Market Codes and reports.  Market codes are easy to setup.  If you have an active Service Contract just give our Support Team a call and they will assist with setup and train you on how to use them.

These options will make managing your property easy and efficient.  You can find details about cost on our Pricing page.  For more information, Contact Us today!