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Who We Are

Innsoft, Inc. is a leading provider of straightforward, value-oriented hotel property management systems and website reservation systems capable of supporting properties with up to 350 rooms. Thanks to our employees, we have experienced stable growth since our inception in 1991. We are grateful for our entire support team—the best in the industry—due to their professionalism, creativity, and tenacious commitment to service.

Innsoft’s global headquarters is located in the beautiful state of Oregon, where we enjoy a culturally rich and diverse environment. Our people are the heart of our business, and our interests and backgrounds are as varied as our state’s rich geographical landscape. We are hard workers, technology geeks, parents, dog owners, photographers, gardeners, travelers, skiers, public transportation users, college graduates, savant dropouts, problem solvers, hikers, voracious readers, sci-fi junkies, cyclists, foodies, music lovers, and social media addicts.

Our employees are also very passionate about the community we live in and are committed to giving back through volunteerism and support to local area non-profit organizations.

We recognize that the ingenuity, integrity, and compassion within each of us will drive the future of our company. As such, we seek to eliminate any obstacles that inhibit our team members from doing exceptional work.

As a team, we’re dedicated to creating and supporting technology that helps solve the everyday challenges hotels face. With teamwork and ingenuity, we strive to live our vision statement: Serving our valued properties from the heart, filling more rooms, delighting their guests.

As a company, we work collaboratively on everything we do. From designing our software, to determining marketing campaigns, to discovering and implementing ways to function better as a team, we rely on the ideas and passion from all Innsoft employees.

Our Mission

Innsoft, Inc. is an owner-operated company located in Beaverton, Oregon. For over two decades, Innsoft has been delighting property owners and their guests with easy-to-use property management systems.

Inspired Innovation

In 1991, Innsoft’s founder, Paul Sonoda was inspired to create affordable, turnkey hotel property management software. After years of hospitality experience, Paul personally appreciated hotel managers’ challenges, including providing effective property and guest management. At that time, intuitive, cost-effective software simply did not exist.

Easy-to-use Hospitality Management Systems

Recognizing that hotels needed reasonably priced hotel management software with robust reporting options, Innsoft developed Check-Inn®, a comprehensive property management system. Since then, Innsoft has introduced numerous innovations to benefit our clients, including new software features, hardware interfacing, and online reservation support.

Today, Innsoft, Inc. is a leader in property and guest management software. In everything we do, we convey our core values of integrity, ingenuity, integrated ownership, and long-term partnership. Property managers across the globe use Innsoft products to:

  • Coordinate with Booking Websites
  • Manage Reservations
  • Organize Reports
  • Process Credit Cards
  • And much more…

Innsoft has built our online property management software solutions from the ground up, allowing us to provide friendly, in-house technical support, as well as integrated hardware such as digital ID scanners and signature pads. Whether you manage small to mid-sized properties or independent properties, when you do business with Innsoft, Inc. you can expect stellar service, competitive pricing, and reliable software. For detailed information about the products and services we offer, see Products and Support.

Our Core Values

Our team created the operating principles which we live by on a daily basis.


We adhere to an ethic of compassionate honesty when representing and supporting our products and services. We strive to consistently express our gratitude with humility to all of our valued properties and partners, and will work hard to maintain their trust.


We identify the most important needs of our valued properties, promote creativity, and implement ideas that will result in affordable, intuitive, easy-to-implement solutions.


To best serve our valued properties, we own the process from research and development, to sales, to implementation and ongoing support. We employ tenacious, professional technicians and salespeople that work as a team to provide the highest level of service to our customers.


We seek to develop and maintain lasting long-term relationships with customers and vendors. We are passionate as a team about maintaining a customer-centric vision and seek partners with similar values.


Things you will experience when you work at Innsoft

Innsoft is a client oriented organization. Our prime objective is to meet and exceed our client expectations at every step of our journey. We have been able to achieve this mainly by virtue of our hardworking and dedicated team. Innsoft hires bright and enthusiastic individuals who are passionate and share a common vision. Our team consists of individuals with unique talents and representing diverse backgrounds.

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