SiteMinder: You Asked, They Answered

Channel Manager SiteMinder
Enhance your online reservation experience with a channel manager like SiteMinder.

Earlier this fall, Innsoft partnered with the award winning channel manager, SiteMinder, to bring our clients more options for managing their online reservation business. Ever since the announcement was made, our phones have been ringing off the hook with some excellent questions. That being said, we went straight to the source so we could put together a SiteMinder FAQ Form just for you.

Innsoft: Why would a hotelier want to pay an additional cost to use SiteMinder when they can pay the OTA directly?

SiteMinder: It’s not so much about a cost, but an investment.  SiteMinder allows you access to any of the  250+ global channels we interface with, which are updated in real time.  This means no delay in receiving your confirmed bookings directly into your Check-Inn program.

Innsoft: Can a hotelier pick and choose what OTAs they advertise on?

SiteMinder: The choice is up to the hotelier.  SiteMinder has access to over 250 of the world’s largest OTAs. They can choose who they want to have a relationship with.

Innsoft: What type of support do you offer the hoteliers?

SiteMinder: All of our support is based in Dallas, Texas.  We do not outsource any of our support.  We also have offices in London, Bangkok, and Sydney.

Innsoft: What are the additional costs to use SiteMinder?

SiteMinder: There are no additional costs.  It is a flat monthly fee based on room count. If we generate $10,000 or $1,000,000 in business, the hotelier will still pay the flat monthly fee.

Innsoft: Do you work with franchises or are you geared towards independent properties?

SiteMinder: We work with any property that can be online. We have 5 room Bed & Breakfasts all the way up to 1000-room resorts.

Innsoft: Can the hotel manage their own inventory?

SiteMinder: Once SiteMinder is interfaced with Check-Inn it’s a live feed from the program. There is no need to allocate inventory to certain OTAs.  If you are on 3 or 30 different websites there is no additional hassle or effort.  All bookings will directly go to the properties Check-Inn program.

Innsoft: Can a hotel trial your program?

SiteMinder: Absolutely! Every single one of our 19,000+ customers has trialed SiteMinder. We are also contract free. Not one of our properties is locked into a contract. These hotels continue to use SiteMinder because 1. ROI (Return on Investment) and 2. IT WORKS!!!

Innsoft: What else do our clients need to know?

SiteMinder: The Channel Manager provides hotels with real-time updates of their rates and inventory, across all of their channels, to maximize sales and eliminate overbookings.  Through the dashboard, hoteliers have single-screen reporting on the booking trends across all their channels, to empower them with quicker decisions and a more effective online distribution strategy.

As your business grows you need more tools to help manage your operations.  Driving all of your online reservations through one channel, which connects directly with Check-Inn, saves you time and money. Your rates and inventory are managed for you, leaving you time to focus on other aspects of your business. Because SiteMinder directly connects with so many global OTAs, you have the ability to reach new audiences.

For more information on SiteMinder visit their website, or contact the Innsoft Sales Team at or 800.950.8995.