Innsoft has the best support team in the hotel reservations system business. Our tenacious, professional technicians are your best resource for any questions.

For a secondary layer of support, download our product manuals below. These manuals are also located on your Innsoft installation CD.

New in Check-Inn V6

When we updated our software, we created this document to facilitate a smooth transition from version 5 to version 6. This document includes a home screen diagram, tables comparing operations in the two versions, right-click shortcut information, and other handy functions to make your life easier.


Check-Inn V6

Learn how to install, customize and use Check-Inn® v6. This manual can also be reached by press on your keyboard when you have the Check-Inn program open.


EMV Addendum

Innsoft has partnered with Zeamster to provide our clients with EMV processing capabilities. Learn how to setup and use EMV and credit card tokenization in Check-Inn. This addendum can also be accessed through the Check-Inn v6 manual.



Innformer works in conjunction with our online hotel reservation systems to create lists of past guests according to arrival date, zip code, room rate, and other variables. The program can also create reports on multiple variables, such as total nights stayed, average daily rate, and average length of stay. This manual will support your installation and use of Innformer.


Innsoft Reservation Client

Learn how to install and use our commission-free online booking engine. Link your private website to the Check-Inn hospitality management system, edit room rates and availability, and interface with GDS, Expedia Quick Connect and


Innsoft Reservation Client Troubleshooting Guide

Read answers to our clients’ most frequently asked questions about the Innsoft Reservation Client interfaces, including Check-Inn, GDS, Expedia Quick Connect, and This manual covers fifteen FAQs, such as how to customize Direct Inn colors for your website, and calculating what you’ve earned from each interface.


Call-Inn Call Accounting

Learn how to install and customize our Call-Inn® guest telephone call accounting software with this manual. Call-Inn allows you to control telephone charges, add specialty call rates, track and post entertainment charges, associate bar/restaurant charges to a client’s room, and more.