Online Reputation Management Software:
1-stop solution to manage your reviews

Just $15/month to collect and track reviews. Connect-Inn channel manager or booking engine required.

Why exactly is Reputation Management necessary?

According to TripAdvisor

  • 93% of people trust online reviews to determine which hotel to stay at.
  • Approximately 33% of people will not book with a hotel that has no reviews.

From that we can conclude

Word of mouth is trusted.

Maintaining a positive reputation will help increase maximum revenue.

Your rankings on OTA sites are highly affected by reviews.

Reviews make you stand apart from your competitors.

How does our hotel reputation management system work?

Your Hotel’s Stats at a Glance

Get an accurate evaluation of your property through the Reputation Management System. You can precisely identify which services your guests enjoy and which they do not. You can use this information to make the changes needed to improve their experience with your hotel.

All your Reviews Under One Roof

Using our Reputation Management System, you will be able to track every review received from any OTA such as Expeida,, TripAdvisor, ect… all in one convenient place.

We help you get more reviews on TripAdvisor

So it’s not just managing reviews, but our Reputation Management System will also help you collect more reviews for free on TripAdvisor, through the TripAdvisor Review Express program, whom we’re affiliated with.

Understand your Guests Needs

Reputation Management System helps you to understand the feelings of your customers and can really help you to identify areas that you can improve.

Respond To All Reviews From One Place

Get a detailed overview of reviews that require attention and access to steps that will help you resolve them effortlessly all from one convenient place.

Your booking engine reviews are also gathered

Our online Reputation Management System brings the reviews you get on your booking engine. So, it’s not just reviews from travel websites and Google that are handled, but also those from your hotel booking engine.

Just $15/month to collect and manage reviews

from Google, TripAdvisor,, Expedia, our booking engine, and more..

Want to manage reviews from more sites? Contact our sales team to know more.