GDS Interface

Innsoft GDS / Channel Manager Interface for Check-Inn

Our GDS / Channel Manager (CM) software interfaces with Check-Inn for seamless online reservations from hundreds of online travel agencies (OTAs).

The two-way connection established by our GDS/CM interface allows automatic bookings from OTAs into Check-Inn. Rates and availability are automatically updated, so OTAs always have current information for potential guests.

Here’s how it works: Check-Inn sends current availability and rate information to the provider. When a guest books a room online or through a travel agent, the reservation is transmitted from the GDS provider or channel manager to Check-Inn.

Our GDS/CM interface provides:

  • Automatic room inventory updating.
  • Full control over room rates and availability.
  • Room blocking and yield management options.
  • Compatibility with SiteMinder channel manager.
  • Compatibility with Sabre, SHR, Luxury Res, and TravelClick GDS providers.

If you do not currently have a contract with a GDS provider or channel manager, contact us to discuss the best option for your property.

An active Service Contract and a network upgrade are required for the Innsoft GDS/CM interface. Please contact us for more information about your current licensing and contract status, as well as GDS/CM Interface pricing.

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