Check-Inn Hardware Options

New hardware options for Check-Inn are in high demand from our customers.  Earlier this year we added our Advanced ID Scanner – a fast, easy to use option with several key features for hotels.  It both takes a color image of the ID and attaches it to the Guest Record (up to 4 licenses per room) AND it pre-fills the license information into Check-Inn for you.  This information includes the person’s name, address and license number.  It does this by reading the 2D barcode on the back of the license.  Since all 50 states and all Canadian provinces now print the 2D barcode on their Driver’s Licenses, this is an excellent option for any customer.  (Contact Innsoft Sales for details)

Some of our competitors offer similar ID Scanners, but charge 2-5 times more for their devices.  It was important for us to find an option that had a good life span while remaining cost effective.  We were able to keep our cost down by developing the software for the device completely in-house.  We maintain this philosophy for all of the software, hardware and service options that we currently provide our customers.

Other hardware options we continue to carry include our Basic ID Scanner, Magnetic Stripe Reader, and Employee Password Cards.  We highly recommend the Magnetic Stripe Reader as it will allow you to swipe credit cards for the purpose of quickly saving credit card information.  When paired with our Internet Credit Card Interface, this device can greatly speed up your front desk operations.

We have received several requests to carry a Signature Pad for Check-Inn.  Because of the high demand for it we have added development of this device to our project list and will be working on it very soon!  We are nearing completion of the new interface and are also diligently working on improving our Direct Inn booking engine.  Please give us a call if you have any questions regarding the many projects, large and small, that we are working on and have planned for our customers!