Booking Button Website Booking Engine

Innsoft understands how important direct online bookings are to you and your business, which is why we are excited to announce the new Booking Button for your property’s website. Convert your website traffic into confirmed commission-free reservations with an easy-to-use booking engine that automatically inputs reservations directly into your Check-Inn® PMS system. Include the Connect-Inn Channel Manager to manage all your OTAs and Booking Button from one centralized location.

Our hotel booking engine offers your guests a quick and smooth reservation experience requiring minimum efforts while using their PC, smart phones or tablets. Generate higher revenues by allowing your guests to book special offers, promo codes and the ability to do group bookings.

Booking Button Features

  • Personalize to Match our Brand
  • Integrates seamlessly with Check-Inn
  • Manage Rates Online
  • Yield Rate Management
  • Promos and Packages
  • Statistics, Reports and Logs
  • 10 Images per Room Type
  • Automated Guest Review Emails
No. of Rooms Monthly Price of a Connect-Inn Booking Button* Monthly Price of Connect-Inn Channel Manager*
1-25 $50.00 $99.00
26-50 $60.00 $149.00
51-100 $70.00 $199.00
101+ $80.00 $249.00

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