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Spring 2018 Newsletter

Click here to see our Spring 2018 Newsletter! Innsoft is excited to announce that our custom website are now in ADA compliance! Also in this newsletter, you will find details on our new website for Innsoft, cloud reporting for Check-Inn V7, and information on backing up your data. Check it out.

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Winter 2018 Newsletter

Click here to see our Winter 2018 Newsletter! This newsletter explains the importance of EMV processing for your hotel, limited-time discount on our Innformer product, news on the upcoming AAOHA tradeshow, and much more!

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Fall 2017 Newsletter

Click here to see our Fall 2017 Newsletter! This newsletter features the Connect-Inn Channel Manager, Innsoft’s website design, a limited-time promo offer on our Advanced ID Scanner, and much more…

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We are excited to announce that properties using can now enhance their listings and grow their business by using the Opportunity Center to quickly peruse and select the most relevant options for them. What is the Opportunity Center? Smart: a one-stop shop of opportunities and suggestions to boost your business Relevant to you: personalized,…

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Helping Guests Find Your Property Online

Most travel planning these days happen in front of a computer.  If the traveler doesn’t start at an online travel agency website (like Expedia or,  they will certainly start at a search engine like Google, and you will want to make sure they find your website if they are looking for lodging in your area.…

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Earlier this year we introduced our partnership with Fortis and Zeamster to bring you the new EMV Terminals. This announcement generated a lot of questions and we gathered a list of the most common questions and answers for you:   Question: What is EMV? Answer: EMV is an abbreviation for Europay, Mastercard and Visa, the three organizations…

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If you have shopped online in the past five years, you likely have received a notification that your personal information, sometimes including credit card numbers, may have been compromised due to security breaches. Threats can come from many sources: contractors, current or former employees, cyberattacks, etc. Small businesses are highly targeted and impacted by security breaches1. The cost of…

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