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Direct Inn Tips

Posted on December 30, 2014

Direct Inn is the perfect tool for receiving commission-free reservations. If you already use Direct Inn we have several tips to make it more attractive to your guests. We will also cover some of the optional functionality. If you do not currently use Direct Inn, contact Innsoft for information about our easy to use, commission free booking engine!

To update the background and bar colors: 

  • Open the IRC (Innsoft Reservation Client) by double clicking the house icon in your system tray (the system tray icons are found in the bottom right corner of your monitor next to the date and time).
  • Click “Direct Inn”.
  • Click “Property Setup”.
  • Click “Web Style”.
  • Choose a color scheme from the drop-down menu, or click on the Bar Color and/or Background Color to choose custom colors. Custom colors can be any color and you can match the color to your website.

You can add property and room pictures (if this option has been purchased).
To add a property picture:

  • Click “Direct Inn”.
  • Click “Property Setup”.
  • Click on the file folder next to the Property Picture field, and find the desired picture.

To add room pictures:

  • Click “Direct Inn”.
  • Click “Room Setup”.
  • Select the room type and click “Edit Room Type”.
  • Click on the file folder next to the Room Picture field and find the desired room picture. Repeat this process for each room type.

To change the Source of Business (the dropdown where the guests tell you where they heard about your property):

  • Click “Direct Inn”.
  • Click “Property Setup”.
  • Click “Source of Business”.
  • Enter any applicable sources. The guest will see the Source of Business and the hotel will see the Code.

If Direct Inn is in an iframe (it looks like it is part of the website instead of a link from your website) you can remove the header which includes the Direct Inn logo and property address.
To remove the header:

  • Click “Direct Inn”.
  • Click “Property Setup”.
  • Click “Web Style” and un-check “Display Direct-Inn Header at top of page”.

All Direct Inn users have an active Service Contract for the property. Contact Innsoft Support if you have any questions or need assistance with improving your Direct Inn booking engine!