Using Check-Inn on Multiple Computers

Have you thought about using Check-Inn on more than one computer at your property? Networking Check-Inn allows for more flexibility with the program and does not require a second license. By purchasing the network upgrade (one-time cost) you will be able to run Check-Inn on multiple computers at the same time. Here are some of the options you have when you purchase and setup networking:

  • Check-in multiple guests at the same time.
  • Create multiple reservations at the same time.
  • Access Check-Inn in multiple locations, including the back office, manager’s office, housekeeping department, etc.
  • Ability to remote access a secondary PC without disturbing front desk operations.
  • Process credit card transactions on multiple stations (if you have the credit card processing interface).

For the network upgrade to work you will need a local technician to network your office computers together (please request a wired network for your business computers; we do not support wireless networks).

If you are considering networking your computers, or have already established a network, here are a few best practices:

  1. Separate your business network from your guest network. (Ideally a separate router for your business with a wired connection and another router for your guests that can be connected to wirelessly.)
  2. All computers on the network should run a professional or ultimate version of Windows.
  3. Run the same version of Windows on all computers.
  4. Do not allow networked computers to sleep or hibernate.
  5. All computers should be behind a UPS (uninterruptible power supply).
  6. All computers should have an anti-virus program installed and kept up-to-date.  Run scans twice daily.
  7. Schedule regular maintenance of your network through your local technician.

Please contact Innsoft Support for assistance. We can review the Check-Inn setup, answer questions regarding networking Check-Inn, and assist with installing Check-Inn over the network if you have purchased the network upgrade.  If you are unsure whether or not you have a license for the network upgrade, contact Innsoft Sales.