If you have shopped online in the past five years, Tokenizationyou likely have received a notification that your personal information, sometimes including credit card numbers, may have been compromised due to security breaches. Threats can come from many sources: contractors, current or former employees, cyberattacks, etc. Small businesses are highly targeted and impacted by security breaches1. The cost of a security breach can be devastating, and you can also be fined.

Tokenization minimizes the chances of a security breach. Tokenization is a process of substituting sensitive data, like a credit card number, for a non-sensitive identifier, known as a token. The sensitive data is stored in a secure vault, away from data thieves. This adds an additional layer of protection to sensitive data, as it is transmitted only once, and for all transactions after that only the token is stored and transmitted.

Check-Inn offers tokenization for properties that have switched to using Zeamster as their gateway. When a credit card number is entered into Check-Inn, the credit card number is transmitted to Zeamster, which returns a corresponding token for this credit card. Once you have the token, the full payment information is no longer available, making transactions secure.

In the event of a security breach where data and/or hardware have been stolen, you can rest assured that the financial information lost will be of little or no use to the criminals who obtained it. The tokens by themselves do not hold any sensitive information. They can’t be re-used on a different credit card terminal that is not yours, and they can’t be used for online shopping or to extract funds from a bank or ATM machine.

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1 Small Businesses: The Cost of a Data Breach Is Higher Than You Think