Time to upgrade from Windows XP!

An important reminder regarding Microsoft Windows XP:  Originally released in 2001, this operating system is reaching the End of Extended Support as of April 8, 2014.  Microsoft will no longer provide automatic fixes, updates, technical assistance, etc.  You will no longer receive Windows XP security updates that can help protect your computer.

If you are still using Windows XP, please look into upgrading to a newer Windows operating system soon.  We highly recommend Windows 7, but Check-Inn is also compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 8.  Once you are ready to upgrade to a newer operating system, please call Innsoft Tech Support.  They will assist with backing up your data.  We strongly suggest then contacting a local technician to help with upgrading the operating system.

If you are thinking about remaining on Windows XP, it would be a good idea to prepare for the potential pitfalls of using an unsupported operating system.  AVG published a great article and video with more information about why you should upgrade from Windows XP.  Take a few minutes to watch the video.  If you choose not to upgrade to a supported operating system you are exposing your business to serious security risks, which could result in loss of money and future revenue.

Depending on the age and specifications of your current computer, you may need to buy a new computer to upgrade from Windows XP.  Before purchasing a new version of Windows, take a close look at the system requirements for the version of Windows you are interested in.  Compare those requirements against your current computer’s specifications.  You can find the different Windows requirements on Microsoft’s website.  For example, you can find the Windows 7 system requirements here.

If you have an active Service Contract for Check-Inn, please contact our support team for any questions about using Check-Inn on Windows operating systems.

If you do not have an active Service Contract for Check-Inn, please consider renewing/upgrading*!  Check-Inn is a system that your business uses nearly all day, every day of the year.  Maintaining an active Service Contract allows you peace of mind, knowing that should any issues occur, our support team will be available for you and your staff!  Our support team can also assist in ongoing training, general technology questions, transfer of software/services to new computers, installation/calibration of scanners, and much more!
The Service Contract covers:

  • Unlimited calls to Innsoft Support during regular business hours (Mon – Fri, 7AM – 4PM PT)
  • Ability to call the after-hours emergency support team ($50 per call/issue)
  • Downloads of monthly software updates to any software or services purchased from Innsoft
  • Subscription to the Check-Inn Quarterly Newsletter
  • Ability to add any optional software, services and/or hardware

Visit our Contact Innsoft page for more details about how to contact Innsoft, hours of operation, etc.

*Depending on how long it has been since your property last had an active Service Contract, you may need to upgrade your software.  Contact Innsoft Sales to review the status of your account.