Tech Support Scams

The Innsoft Support Team is one of your best resources for assistance with your Check-Inn software. A large portion of our support is completed over the telephone because speaking with customers in real time is often the fastest, easiest way to help install/support our software, troubleshoot technical problems, and assist with training your staff.

The prevalence of telephone support services has caused an increase in tech support scams that target businesses like hotels. Fortunately reports of this are rare, but it does occur, and it can potentially result in a security breach and monetary loss.If you receive a call from someone asking to connect to your computer because they are with your tech support team, do not allow this unless you are absolutely certain you know what company they are calling from and have complete trust in the caller. If the caller is claiming to be from a company you do business with, but you are unsure of the validity of the call, advise him/her that you will call the company back on a telephone number you are familiar with. In the case of Innsoft Support, our contact information is located on our website and in the Check-Inn program (click on the “?” in the upper left corner of Check-Inn).To learn more about Tech Support and Refund Scams, read this article written by the Federal Trade Commission. It has many good suggestions and details what to look for.If you suspect you may have been the victim of a tech support scam:

  1. Disable your internet connection until you are sure your computer is safe for business use.
  2. Have your computer inspected by a local technician for the presence of malware, disabled firewalls, disabled antivirus software, and other potential security breaches.
  3. Change your computer password and any other potentially compromised passwords (such as email and financial accounts).
  4. If you provided credit card information, contact your credit card company to notify them of the potential scam and/or dispute any fraudulent charges.
  5. If a crime took place, notify the proper authorities immediately.
  6. If the caller was claiming to be from Innsoft, contact us immediately.