Tax Time, Support and More

Now that the new year has begun many hotels are focusing on their task lists in preparation for the next busy season.  With your Check-Inn software, this could include generating and storing reports, checking and re-setting rates for the coming year in Check-Inn and your internet reservation client (, Expedia, GDS, Direct Inn, etc.).  Your task list could include purchasing and/or updating hardware and software.  And, of course, tax season is coming around (whether we like it or not!).

Our support team can assist with any questions regarding reports, rates and tax information in Check-Inn. To assist with submitting your tax information, Innsoft support will help you find the necessary reports and can also assist with balancing questions.  However, for questions regarding how to correctly report and submit your tax information or other tax accounting questions, please refer to your local tax professional.

Hiring new staff?  Our Demo Videos are a great way to begin training your employees on Check-Inn and its functionality.  If you have an active Service Contract, our support team is the best resource for any employee learning how to use Check-Inn.  With the contract everyone at your property can call an unlimited number of times for support during our regular business hours.  This is essential since the Check-Inn software is used more than any other system in the day to day operation of your business.

Many of our customers are currently purchasing new computers for their properties.  Since Microsoft will no longer provide support and updates for the Windows XP operating system as of April 8th, 2014, this is a good time to shop for new computers if you are still using this older OS.  If you have recently purchased or are planning to purchase a new computer for your property, please give Innsoft Support a call for assistance with transferring Check-Inn and any other Innsoft software/hardware to the new PC.

There are a few things to consider when purchasing a new computer:

  • Our Hardware Recommendations can help you select your new PC
  • Most new computers include free antivirus software for the first 6 months.  This is a good feature, but it also means that many computer users forget to purchase the antivirus software or install other antivirus software after the first 6 months is over.  Set a reminder for this to help maintain your data security.
  • We highly recommend Windows 7 professional but Check-Inn is also supported on Windows 8.
  • We highly recommend purchasing and installing a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) with your computer.  Most UPS devices are not very costly and can keep your PC running in the event of a power outage.  Because a sudden outage can result in lost or damaged files, this can save your business from losing data, money and hours of time re-entering information.
  • Once you have purchased your PC, give Innsoft support a call and they will assist with transfer of your Check-Inn software and other Innsoft hardware/software

Please contact us if you have any questions or need assistance!