Signature Pad

The Signature Pad for the Check-Inn property management system is a great option for any property to streamline front desk operations. It can help your property go paperless, potentially saving large amounts of money in printing and storage fees.

With the signature pad you will be able to save an electronic record of signed customer documents in your hotel software. These documents can include credit card transactions (when used in conjunction with the credit card processing interface), folios, check-in/check-out receipts, reports, and more

There are options to require your staff to sign off on shift reports, for customers to sign for transactions through accounts receivable, and for customers to sign for advance deposits.

Your property can customize up to six optional Guest Agreements and up to two optional Credit Card Agreements that your guest would read and agree to before signing. With the signature pad, you have the option to not auto-print receipts, which will help you go paperless! All pricing information is found on our Pricing page. We have a demo video available below, or you can view it on our Demo Videos page and YouTube channel.

Signature Pad Features

  • Accepts and electronically stores customer signatures in your Check-Inn hotel software
  • Provides the option to go green/paperless, saving money in printing and storage costs
  • Easy access to signed credit card receipts (when used in conjunction with the credit card processing interface) and other guest documents
  • Compact size fits almost any front desk (6″ x 4″ x 1″)
  • Backlit and easy to read
  • Ask us for details about the warranty included with Signature Pad
  • Signed documents can be printed from any computer running Check-Inn on the network
  • Customizable text for guest and credit card agreements

Don’t see the hardware option you need? Let us know via our online feedback form. We are passionate about developing creative, cost-cutting property management systems.

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