Rate Parity

Now that a large percentage of our active Check-Inn customers have purchased and implemented one or more of our online reservation interfaces, we often field questions about managing rates in the Innsoft Reservation Client (IRC).

Many online travel agencies (OTAs) require rate parity. This means that the rates you provide them should be the same or lower than other advertised rates. In order to manage this it is important to understand how to update rates between Check-Inn and your other reservation interfaces. Your reservation interfaces may include: Booking.com, Expedia, a GDS provider, Direct Inn, or any combination of those four options.

If you would like your published rates to be the same as the rates you have setup in Check-Inn you can easily copy those rates into the applicable OTA/GDS interface. First open the IRC (this is usually located in the bottom right corner of your screen and looks like a small house). Select the interface you want to work on, and click “Rate Setup”. Click “Copy Rates” for each room type and select “Check-Inn” as the program on the drop down menu. Then select the Check-Inn room type in the next drop down menu and the rate type you are copying rates to (this is typically Rack or equivalent). Click through the dialog boxes as necessary and repeat this process for the next room type.

You can also copy rates in a similar manner from Direct Inn or your GDS interface.  If you need any assistance with this or have other questions about your online reservation interfaces, please call the Innsoft Support Team and we will be happy to help you!