Potential Fraud Alert 

A man named Robert Francis Feeks has been attempting to con unsuspecting hotel property owners.
This is how he works:He seems very trustworthy at first, offering to assist with running the business, setting up hardware, software, telephones and other equipment.  At some point, he starts to charge for his services.  He usually demands cash, providing excuses for why he can’t accept credit cards.  He also has excuses as to why he can’t provide ID.  Some customers have even allowed him to stay rent-free at their properties.  He has been known to setup video camera systems as well as telephones, computers and software.  Eventually he skips town, sometimes committing identity theft as well as taking cash and expensive hardware with him.

We have found that he will pose as an employee of the property to order a demo of our Check-Inn property management software.  He then will load the software onto the computer he sets up at the property and charge for it.  The property owner does not know that it is a demo version and not a legal copy.  Before the demo expires, Robert Feeks will skip town, sometimes taking expensive hardware with him, along with cash and anything else he can steal.

Please keep an eye out for this individual and notify the police immediately if you come into contact with him.  Feeks is close to 50 years old and known aliases include:  Robert Gallagher, Robert Cumminsky, Robert Smith, Robert Werner and, most recently, Robert Powers.  He is very convincing!

He may have long or short hair and may or may not have a mustache.  He was last described as being obese, over 300 pounds.  He is from New York and speaks with an accent.  He has an outstanding warrant for Grand Theft and over the years has been jailed multiple times.  Robert Feeks moves around and has been seen most recently in Florida, but also has been seen this year in Texas.

Click here for a picture of Robert Feeks.  He is located third down on the left.  This is an older picture of him.  He last was seen with long hair and was much heavier.

If you are interested in purchasing Check-Inn, please contact us directly.  We have a very small number of approved resellers and we can let you know if it is a legitimate businessman.