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Preferred Credit Card Processor

Fortis Preferred Credit Card ProcessorInnsoft, Inc. has partnered with Fortis Payment Systems to offer you the best rates on your processing needs. Fortis is an established, respected credit card processing company known for their high customer retention, competitive pricing, and excellent service.

Fortis Payment Systems offers a variety of products and services to completely meet all of your processing needs. They will perform a fast, confidential, no-obligation analysis of your statement. They can determine exactly what you are currently paying and will show you what they can offer you in savings.

For the best rates and enhanced customer service, you can also purchase our Credit Card Processing Interface for the Check-Inn property management system and use Fortis Payment Systems as your credit card processor!

If you are interested in comparing your current credit card processor’s rates to Fortis and/or you are interested in our credit card processing interface for your Check-Inn hotel software, you can submit an easy online request form¬†or contact us directly for more information.


Interested in partnering with Innsoft, Inc.? Send an email with a brief overview of your company, services, and contact information to info@innsoft.com.