New Demo Video Added!

We have just added a new demo video today to our YouTube channel and the Demo Videos page of our website.  The new video covers the Credit Card Processing Interface for Check-Inn.  The video walks through the key functionality of the software, however it is not a comprehensive video.  If you are interested in trialing a demo of the credit card processing interface, please Contact Us or fill out our Online Form.

There are many benefits to the credit card processing interface:

  1. Eliminates the need to buy or lease a separate credit card terminal.
  2. Helps prevent errors and lost transactions by integrating your processing with the Check-Inn system.
  3. Increases the speed of your processing by using your high speed, wired internet connection.  No dedicated phone line is required.
  4. Enhances your access to support by giving you the ability to call both Innsoft Support and your credit card processor should you have questions.
  5. Enables you to provide guests with a more professional appearing folio that includes the credit card receipt.

The new video covers the following:

  • Charging the card during guest check-out
  • Entering an advance deposit when creating a reservation
  • Pre-authorizing a card during guest check-in
  • Submitting a batch

The video does not cover submitting charges in the stand alone cash register and in accounts receivable.  It also does not cover all of the reports and optional settings.  The settings can be very important because these control user restrictions and security.  Please give Innsoft Support a call if you have questions regarding these features.