Optimize Productivity With Check-Inn’s Network Upgrade

Network Upgrade
Networking with Check-Inn

We designed Check-Inn to live on your computer’s hard drive, not on the cloud. We did this for many reasons, including ownership of your guest information and financial data, as well as reliability of access to the program. But what happens if you want Check-Inn to communicate with an external source such as an online travel agency like Expedia or Booking.com, or your own property website?  What do you do if you want Check-Inn to run on more than one computer located at the property? The answer is Check-Inn’s Network Upgrade.

With a Network Upgrade, you can enhance Check-Inn’s communication ability to not only run on multiple computers but to also interface with OTAs and your property’s website!

When you run Check-Inn across your local network, all guest information is shared, including reservations, history and financial reports. If you’re a busy location, this is a must have as it allows your clerks to assist multiple guests at the same time.

The Network Upgrade, in addition to one of our online reservation solutions, will  give your property the ability to interface with multiple online travel agencies, channel managers, GDS providers and your property’s website. If you currently receive reservations via fax or email and are having to input the information into Check-Inn yourself, then do yourself a favor and eliminate wasted time and potential mistakes.

The Network Upgrade is a one-time software purchase and our technicians can work directly with you or your own computer tech to get you up and running.

If you would like to try our Network Upgrade, FREE for 30 days, or for more information, contact our sales team at 1.800.950.8995.