It’s warming up!

With much of the country buried under a later winter storm, it is hard to believe that Spring is just a week away!

This is a great time of year to think about options that will save you the most time and provide the largest return on your investment.  As many hotels begin to see an increase in business, both from the changing seasons and a slowly improving economy, it is becoming more important to think about what will speed up your front desk process and reduce costly errors.

We have many new signups for interfaces during the late Winter and Spring seasons as reservation volume picks up.  Check-Inn has options to connect with online reservation companies such as, Expedia, and GDS providers (Innlink, Genares, Sabre, Magnuson, Travelclick, etc.).  We highly recommend determining which provider most of your reservations are generated from, then give us a call to discuss the process to connect them with Check-Inn.  The Innsoft Sales and Support teams will help make the process painless for you and your front desk staff.  All of our pricing information is located on our Pricing Page.

Online reservation interfaces are important because they allow Check-Inn to send live rates and availability to your online reservation providers.  This will allow your property to sell more rooms at a higher price.  Each interface offers yield management tools to make the most out of every reservation.  Our reservation interfaces are always commission free, flat, annual charges.  This includes our Direct Inn booking engine.  If you have a website and do not currently have a booking engine for it, give us a call!  Direct Inn is easy to use and very affordable.

The Signature Pad is another option that will save a great deal of time and money.  We launched the signature pad over a month ago and it has become a popular option for both new and current customers.  Because it allows your property to capture signatures on folios and reports, it will either greatly reduce the need for print outs, or allow you to go paperless altogether.  When used in conjunction with the credit card interface for Check-Inn, you can capture signatures on credit card receipts, which will make processing cards faster and accessing past receipts easy.

The Advanced ID Scanner is always a popular option to save time and create a better experience for your guests.  This small device will allow your front desk to capture an electronic image of the ID, which will save in Check-Inn to the guest record.  The image is accessible and printable after the guest checks out should you need it for any reason.  The Advanced ID scanner also pre-fills the license information into Check-Inn, which will help eliminate data entry errors and provide a more accurate guest history.  Because the scanner is small, it can be used discreetly by most front desks.  Saving the card image in Check-Inn is much more secure than creating a photocopy and will give you and your guests peace of mind.

Contact Innsoft if you have any questions about our different options.  If you have an active Service Contract for Check-Inn, all of our software can be trialed for 30 days with no obligation (this includes the credit card processing interface, card lock interface, Call-Inn call accounting, point of sale interface, etc.).  Our annual services, such as the interfaces to, Expedia, GDS providers, and Direct Inn, cannot be trialed, so we offer a 30 day full refund if you are dissatisfied with the service in any way.  To watch a demonstration of our Signature Pad, Advanced ID Scanner, and credit card processing interface, visit our Demo Videos page!