Innsoft Support and Development Update

Spring has begun, and that means we are all a little busier.  Innsoft support has at times been flooded with calls from properties looking for assistance with a variety of questions.  Because a portion of the properties using Check-Inn are seasonal, we are getting many calls related to updating room counts, rates, tax information, etc.  These are important calls and we want to encourage all of our active customers to reach out for assistance whenever you have questions.

This is also one of our busiest seasons for new purchases.  Innsoft Sales is fielding many calls from both new properties needing to purchase Check-Inn, as well as current customers looking to add-on services.  Popular services include online reservation interfaces, hardware and/or other software options.  All of this business is greatly appreciated, but can result in times of high call volume.

At Innsoft, we strive to quickly answer every inbound call, but unfortunately during peak times you may occasionally go to voice mail.  To reduce this, we are hiring additional personnel and training them to provide the same level of expertise you expect from Innsoft Technical Support.  If at any time during regular business hours you go to voice mail, please leave us a message including your property name, property telephone number and the number you prefer to be reached.  We always return calls in the order they are received and we can usually give you a call back within a few minutes.

Our current project schedule includes one of our largest undertakings, a full re-design of the Check-Inn property management system.  We welcome feature requests from our current customers. These requests will be evaluated as we move forward in the development process of the next version of Check-Inn.

All feature requests we receive for the current version of Check-Inn (version 5.0) are evaluated on a case by case basis.  For the most part, we will not be dedicating development time to adding features in the current version.  Any time spent programming, testing, and implementing changes to the current version of Check-Inn pushes back our target for releasing the new version as well as other frequently requested options.

Please contact us and let us know what you like about Check-Inn and what you would most like to see in the new version!

We have recently received a handful of requests for the Tripadvisor Tripconnect option for our Direct Inn booking engine.  We closely listen to our customers requests and because several properties have expressed interest, we are looking into adding this feature.  Please continue to follow us online for more information about the Tripconnect option!