Innsoft After-hours Support

Offering fair, consistent pricing to all of our customers is important to us and we strive to provide the best prices possible for our software, hardware, and services. It is also very important for us to provide great customer support and maintain a stable, comprehensive Property Management System (PMS) with features consistent with our customer’s needs. Many of our business decisions, including our development schedule, pricing, and support options, are based with these primary factors in mind.

Our annual Service Contract is one of the lowest priced contracts in the industry at $400 per year. The Service Contract includes: unlimited calls to our support team during our regular business hours, ability to download monthly software updates for any software or service purchased from Innsoft, ability to purchase additional options, subscription to the Check-Inn Quarterly Newsletter, and the ability to call our after-hours emergency support team.

The after-hours emergency support team is an important option for your peace of mind and is only available for properties with an active Service Contract. We charge $50 per call/issue when you call after-hours for assistance.

We periodically field questions from customers asking why we charge for after-hours calls. Our customer base overwhelmingly prefers to keep the Service Contract price as low as possible, and pay for after-hours support only when necessary. Our software is very stable so emergency needs are rare. We are working hard to insure that the new version of Check-Inn currently under development will be just as stable.

If you find that your property has the need to call our after-hours support team more than twice a year, we offer pre-paid after-hours support calls. They are active for a year from purchase (as long as you maintain an active Service Contract). The pre-paid support calls cost $100 for 3 calls, so you can purchase 3 calls for the price of 2. You may purchase as many as you like in sets of 3. Contact Innsoft for more information about pre-paid after-hours support calls!

If you have an active Service Contract and need emergency after-hours support you can contact our support team with a phone call. Call our regular telephone number: (503)643-8162 (or toll-free (800)950-8995). Choose option 3. This will transfer you to our after-hours phone system. Listen to the message then follow the prompt to enter your callback number. One of our support team members will call you as soon as possible. Typically you will receive a callback within 5-10 minutes. In the rare event that you do not receive a callback within 45 minutes, repeat the above process, as likely an error occurred and the support team did not received your message.

The after-hours support team is available 7 days a week from 4PM – 11PM on weekdays and 7AM – 11PM on weekends (Pacific Time). After-hours support calls will be billed and mailed to the shipping address on record for your property. If you have purchased pre-paid after-hours support calls, the call will be deducted from your remaining calls and a notice will be mailed to the shipping address on record for your property.

Please contact Innsoft if you have any questions or would like to purchase pre-paid after-hours support calls!