Innlink URL switch on Friday night/Saturday morning

If you are an Innlink GDS customer, you may have recently received communication from Innlink (TravLynx) regarding an upcoming change to your GDS service.  Innlink is making this change to offer their customers new and expanded service capabilities.  If you have questions about what the new Innlink platform can do for your business, please contact your Innlink representative directly.

Innsoft, Inc. is working closely with Innlink to make this transition as seamless as possible for our mutual customers.  The migration from the current Innlink platform to the new TravLynx platform is scheduled for Friday night through Saturday morning, September 28/29th.  This is a scheduled maintenance window and it should be expected that your service with Innlink will be down during this window and possibly beyond.

During this scheduled maintenance window please do not attempt to make any changes or updates to your Check-Inn GDS Interface (Direct Inn client).  Attempts to make changes, update the software, restart the program, etc. would likely cause problems with the switchover to the new Innlink platform and will impact your GDS service.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the upcoming change to your GDS interface or Innlink booking engine, please contact your Innlink representative.   Innsoft, Inc. will continue working with Innlink on this scheduled switchover through the coming week.

We appreciate your business!