Innformer Marketing Tool for Check-Inn

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Innformer is a powerful hotel marketing tool that produces reports, direct marketing labels, mail merge letters* and sales charts. Working in conjunction with Check-Inn property and guest management software, Innformer searches guest reservation data according to your preferences.

Search for multiple variables, including: Innformer

  • Number of nights stayed
  • Number of guest visits
  • Room rates
  • Zip codes
  • Arrival dates

Search results may be sorted into subcategories, such as zip code, city, state, and market code.

Innformer can also create reports and charts for:

  • Total revenue
  • Average daily rate
  • Total nights stayed
  • Average length of stay

Innformer Marketing Report LargeInnformer empowers property owners to increase hotel revenue with specialized email and direct mail marketing lists. You can alert your valued guests about property specials and thank them personally for their continued patronage to encourage repeat booking. The marketing possibilities are endless.

Innformer also provides insight on how guests are finding your property. By performing searches based on market code, you can identify successful marketing techniques, saving wasted advertising costs and optimizing your hotel marketing budget. Spend your hotel advertising dollars where they can count the most!

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* Microsoft Word is required.