Innformer:  A Powerful Marketing Tool for Check-Inn

Innformer is a versatile tool that will allow you to find and organize the information you need quickly.  Most businesses want to see how much revenue is originating from a specific source or factor.  For example, you might want to know how many people stayed at your property more than once during a specific time frame, such as in April of 2013.  You can easily find this type of information using Innformer.  You can also print reports and graphs or export to a comma delimited format to use in other programs (such as Microsoft Excel).

If you are using marketing codes (highly recommended) you can perform a search for specific codes.  By doing this you will see exactly how much money you are making from a particular source, for any time frame.  The same is true for searches based on area code, city, state, zip code, or even country.You can search for guests using almost any search criteria and print reports and graphs for the following:

  • Total Revenue
  • ADR
  • Total Number of Nights
  • Average Length of Stay

These reports can be for all guests, or just for guests that have stayed a certain number of times.  The search results can be listed by geography, Market Codes or company.

You can market to your customers by printing mass mailing labels through Innformer.  You can also print out bad guest lists.

You can edit previous guest history easily through Innformer.  For example, if a desk clerk checks a guest out by mistake with the wrong address information.  With Innformer you can edit items such as:  First/Last name, Street Address, City, State, Zip Code, Country, Phone Number, Company, Email Address, Arrival Date, Number of Nights, Rate Information and Vehicle Information.

If you would like to trial a demo of Innformer*, contact Innsoft Sales at 800-950-8995, option 1 or fill out our
Demo Request Form and we will call you within one business day.

*Trial and purchase of Innformer requires an active Service Contract for Check-Inn