IMPORTANT NEWS for Credit Card Processing Users

Some of our current and past customers have been receiving notifications from their credit card processor regarding an update needed to your computer. The letter is from First Data Merchant Services and directly relates to the ongoing functionality of your credit card processing interface.

The letter states that there are upcoming changes that will affect your merchant account. These are industry changes to IP communication encryption. As of August 26th, 2014 (tomorrow), you will be required to update your SSL certificate from 1024-bit encryption to 2048-bit. If you have not updated your SSL Root Certificate for your operating system with 2048-bit encryption prior to 8/26/2014, you will likely no longer be able to accept credit card transactions.

The letter that you received from First Data should have included instructions on how to download and install the SSL certificates they require. If your Windows operating system is up to date, you may already have the required root certificates.

If you are not sure whether or not you have completed this update or have questions about this change, please contact Innsoft Support as soon as possible. If you do not have an active Service Contract for Check-Inn, please contact Innsoft Sales.