Holiday Schedule

Happy Holidays from everyone at Innsoft!

We would like to remind all of our customers that we will be out of the office for the holiday break beginning at 12:00PM Pacific Time on Tuesday, December 23rd and returning on Monday, December 29th. We will also be out of the office on Thursday, January 1st. Please visit our Contact Innsoft page for more information about our availability and contact information.While we will not be available for sales or regular business hours support calls, we will have our after-hours support team on-call for emergency issues. Just give us a call at our regular number, 503-643-8162, and follow the options to place the support call. A technician will quickly give you a call back to provide assistance (please allow up to 45 minutes in the event that the technician is assisting another customer).The after-hours emergency support team is a benefit provided to properties with an active Service Contract. The emergency support team is available from 7AM – 11PM Pacific Time and calls are billed at $50 per call/issue. If you do not have an active Service Contract for your property, please give Innsoft Sales a call to discuss your account.The Service Contract offers many benefits, including:

  • Unlimited calls to support during regular business hours (very important for software used 16-24 hours a day, every day!)
  • Ability to call the after-hours emergency support team ($50 per call/issue)
  • Monthly software updates to any software/hardware purchased from Innsoft
  • Subscription to Check-Inn Quarterly Newsletter
  • Ability to add any optional software/services/hardware (including ID scannersreservation interfacescredit card processing, etc.)

When you have an active Service Contract we offer the option to pre-pay for three after-hours emergency calls to be used in a year for the price of two. This is a great choice to reduce cost for your emergency support needs and allows your front desk to call us when they really need help.  If you are interested in this option, please contact Innsoft Sales for more information.

Thank you for your business and Happy Holidays!