Heartbleed Bug and Yahoo Fix

Due to the firestorm of information released in the past week about the Heartbleed bug, I want to assure all of our current customers that Innsoft, Inc. and Direct Inn are NOT affected by this issue.  The Heartbleed bug is a serious problem for any business with an internet server running certain versions of OpenSSL, a very commonly used security encryption program.  While we do use OpenSSL, it is a version that is not affected by the Heartbleed bug.

There is an easy way to determine whether or not a website that you utilize is affected by Heartbleed.  Go to this website and enter the web address that you would like to check.  In this case, if you use Direct Inn and are concerned about the Heartbleed bug, enter www.directinn.com into the search bar.  It will let you know that our website is unaffected.  We recommend checking any websites that you are concerned about.  If you receive reservations through a third party, such as a GDS provider or OTA (online travel agency), we suggest checking their website and/or giving your account representative a call to ask about the Heartbleed bug.

About a week ago, some of our customers may have noticed issues related to their Yahoo email accounts and the Direct Inn booking engine. Yahoo released updates to their email service that can impact your ability to send or receive email, especially from your own or another Yahoo account.  We have implemented an update to our systems that account for this problem. You should no longer have any issues related to the Yahoo update when sending or receiving email through Direct Inn.  If you have questions regarding this, please reach out to Innsoft Support.  _