Happy National Employee Appreciation Day!




  1. the recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something.


We appreciate you

Taking a moment to recognize a job well-done, or the effort someone took to go the extra mile, can be a day-brightener. The simple act of saying “Thank you” can make the day of the person receiving the gratitude.

Whether you have one employee or 100, it is vital to the morale of a team that they feel appreciated. It is said that employees leave managers, not companies. A recent study reported that 70% of responders stated that their “most meaningful recognition had no dollar value”; instead, praise from peers or managers was most motivating.

At Innsoft, we pride ourselves on being a destination workplace. We empower our employees through communication and trust, and we drive motivation by appreciating the ideas and individuality that each team member brings to his or her job performance every day.

Paul Sonoda, our president, has built a culture of appreciation through different avenues, including team lunches, a well-stocked kitchen, offsite team-building workshops, and continued education that allows everyone to grow in their roles, and potentially into more responsibility. But our company isn’t built just on tangibles; it is built on respect. Paul often goes out of his way to thank each of us for our efforts. This simple act makes us feel appreciated.

Today is National Employee Appreciation day, and we would like to give a big THANK YOU to our entire team! We also want to recognize every employee across the globe — you make the business world go around! Help us spread gratitude by thanking someone today and acknowledging their hard work. It doesn’t cost anything, and you’ll get a big return from doing it. Appreciation + happy employee = loyalty!

Throughout the month of March, we will introduce you to the Innsoft team. You will get to “meet” our sales team, our technical support department, human resources, quality assurance, and development. We want to put a face to the name, and we want to show off a phenomenal team of people.

Check-Inn is our product, but our people are what make us Innsoft.