Happy Holidays from Innsoft

We are nearing the end of 2012 and it has been a truly great year.  We continue to receive so much support from our customers through referrals, feedback and new business.  As always, thank you for all that you do for us!I want to touch upon a few things we are working on as well as some information to help you, our customers.As we move into the next year we are planning on improvements to Check-Inn and Direct Inn, working on a signature pad option and, if everything goes well, we will soon launch our NEW Booking.com interface.

You may have noticed that our new website features a chat program.  This is a great way to ask a quick question without having to call directly.  If we happen to be unavailable for chat, you can use this service to send us a quick message.  We will respond by the next business day.

Over the next few months I will be adding more demo videos to the website and our YouTube channel.  We are also utilizing Social Media to inform our customers about news, software updates and other relevant information.  Please visit our Facebook page, Twitter page and Linked In page to follow us!

Due to the growth in our business this year we have added on additional technical support personnel to reduce the occasions during regular business hours that you need to leave a voice message to receive support.  If you do happen to call and all of our support personnel are busy, please be assured that we will call you back in the order that the messages are received.  We do our best to call you back immediately and call back times are typically very short, even when we are busy.

We will be out of the office for the holiday starting at noon on Friday, December 21st.  We will be back on Thursday, December 27th.  Our support team will be available for any emergency needs.  Visit our Contact Innsoft page for details about our availability.

Thank you and Happy Holidays from the Innsoft team!