Going Green with Check-Inn

Going green, or paperless, using the Check-Inn system has become a real possibility!  Several of our options can be used together to help make front desk operations easy, fast, and less expensive.  Even if you are not able to go completely paperless, there are a good combination of options for you to save on printing and personnel costs.

We highly recommend combining one or more of the following options in order to help your property go green or paperless:

  • Credit card processing interface.  This option allows you to process transactions directly through your Check-Inn software.  This makes it easy balance your books, look up past transactions, and insure that the front desk is processing the correct amounts.  You have full control over security and easily accessed reports.
  • Signature Pad for Check-Inn.  When used in conjunction with credit card processing, there is no need to print guest receipts at all!  But even if you choose to process cards through a separate terminal, you can use the signature pad for folios and other documents.
  • Advanced ID Scanner.  If you are using a separate scanner or photocopier, this device can save large amounts of time and wasted paper and toner.  Just let the scanner do all the work!  It will save a full color image of the ID (up to 4 per room) and it pre-fills the license information into the Guest Screen for you!  This will help keep down data entry errors, making it easy to find the information in Guest History, and will provide proof of the guest’s stay should you need it.
  • Internet Reservation Interfaces.  We offer direct connections to several major GDS providers as well as Booking.com and Expedia.  To help save you commission fees, we also offer our own booking engine for your non-franchise website, called Direct Inn.  All of these options can save you in printing costs and make you more money by allowing you to book more rooms.  The two-way interfaces will keep your inventory accurate on the websites you use to generate online reservations and will allow all the reservations you receive to book directly into Check-Inn.
  • Setup email in Check-Inn so that you can email reports, folios and confirmations.  Also, consider printing reports to file rather than printing on paper.  (Contact our support team for more information and suggestions or for assistance with your email settings.)

If you choose to use the Signature Pad and our other options to help you go green, it is very important to check your daily backup procedures.  We highly recommend a manual backup of your data twice daily if you choose to go paperless. Please be sure to check where your automatic backups are going. Occasionally we find customers that have their backups set to a location that no longer exists.  Give us a call if you have any questions or would like more information about our options!