Do you have internet reservation services?

Yes, we offer the Booking Button, a commission-free booking engine for your privately owned website. We also offer connections to GDS providers, channel managers, or direct connections to Booking.com and Expedia.

Do you offer support for your software?

Yes, our Tech Support team is the best in the business. They are friendly and knowledgeable and can guide you through both simple and complex situations. It is very easy to learn and train your staff on how to use the Check-Inn property management system, but it also has many advanced features. Purchase of our hotel software includes a free six-month Service Contract for access to support and updates. After the first six months, the Service Contract is $400 per year and includes free updates to Check-Inn, which can be installed with the touch of a button.

What password options are there?

The Check-Inn property management system offers both Basic and Advanced Password functionality. You can set up group passwords through Basic Passwords, but we highly recommend using Advanced Passwords. This will allow you to set individual passwords for each user and customize many options for that user. Using Advanced Passwords offers access to customizable shift reports. Setting up new passwords is fast and easy.

Do you sell ID scanners and will they fill the fields in Check-Inn?

Yes, our Advanced ID Scanner will take a color picture of an ID and attach it to a guest record. It will also read the 2D barcode on the back of the driver’s license and pre-fill this information into Check-Inn (available in most states, call for details). View our demo video of the scanner to see exactly how it works.

Does Check-Inn do direct billing?

Yes, we have direct billing options.

Can I run Check-Inn on more than one computer?

If you need to run Check-Inn on multiple terminals you will need to purchase a network upgrade. This is a one-time cost and allows you to run the Check-Inn hotel software on as many networked terminals on site as you need.

Do you build websites?

Yes, we do provide a website building service. To design and host a property’s website costs $80/month. For more information on Innsoft’s web design service, please contact us. To view a demo property click here.

Is the Check-Inn demo different from the licensed version?

The Check-Inn demo is the full working version of our hotel software coded to last for about 45 days. Once you enter your property information, you can start using it at your front desk for reservations, check-in, and check-out. We also offer trials for most of our other software options, including: Call-Inn, Card Lock Interface, Entertainment Interface, Voice Mail Interface, Point of Sale Interface, and Innformer. Please contact us directly for information on how to demo our many hotel software options.

How does your software licensing work?

Once you purchase our software, it is licensed to the property name and address. All software and hardware is non-transferable.

How do I remotely access Check-Inn?

You can access the Check-Inn property management system using remote desktop software on any computer with an Internet connection. However, if you attempt this on the front desk computer it will interrupt front desk operations.

The best way to remotely access Check-Inn is by networking a back office computer and then running Check-Inn from a networked drive. You will need to purchase a network upgrade to be able to transfer Check-Inn to a network drive. You can then remotely access the back office computer using remote access software.

We do not sell remote access software, but there are many low cost and free programs available on the Internet. Please contact Innsoft Support for more information and recommendations.

Can I email confirmations, receipts, and/or reports?

Yes you can email confirmations, receipts, and reports from Check-Inn. Please contact Innsoft Support for information on how to set this up.