Discontinuing the DOS version of Check-Inn

Innsoft, Inc. introduced Check-Inn for Windows well over a decade ago.  Since then we have continued to provide support to our DOS customers that had active DOS Service Contracts as well as to those customers that chose to purchase a one-time emergency support call.

As of today, December 11th, 2012, we no longer have any customers with active DOS Service Contracts and we are discontinuing all support of the DOS version of Check-Inn.  If you are still using a DOS version of Check-Inn and need assistance, we will require that you purchase the latest version of Check-Inn for Windows (currently version 5.0, release 71).

We will continue to offer support, both through Service Contracts and one-time emergency support payments, for ALL versions of Check-Inn for Windows.  If you are running an older version of Check-Inn for Windows, please Contact Us at 800-950-8995 for information about the latest updates and options.

Thank you to all of our active customers that have made the transition from DOS to Windows over the years, we always appreciate your business!