Direct Inn Booking Engine

Direct Inn Website Reservation SystemModern travelers are web savvy; they demand multiple online methods of booking rooms. Any hotel site lacking direct reservation capabilities will lose business to competitors. The solution? Direct Inn, our affordable, easy-to-use website reservation system.

Direct Inn is a commission-free reservation engine that links your hotel’s website to Check-Inn.

Direct Inn: Online Booking Engine Features

  • Real-time rate and inventory control. Direct Inn
  • Customizable by date, day of the week, and occupancy percentage.
  • Email reservation notification available for both guest and property manager.
  • Supports minimum stay requirements and blackout periods.To appreciate how Direct Inn could benefit your hotel, we invite you to view a demo of how Direct Inn works.

For more information, visit our pricing page and contact us. A network upgrade license and an active Service Contract are required to purchase Direct Inn. Already working with a GDS provider or OTA (online travel agency)? We offer direct interfaces with multiple GDS providers,, and