Direct Inn Booking Engine Options

Most franchised hotels and all independent properties can benefit from owning and managing a private, non-franchised, website.  In order to increase the revenue generated from your website, we offer a booking engine called Direct Inn.

Direct Inn is a two-way interface that allows guests to submit reservations directly through your website.  The guest will be able to select the arrival and departure date, number of rooms and any discount codes (if applicable).  Direct Inn will then pull the availability information and room rates from Check-Inn.  The guest would select the desired room, fill out their registration information and submit the reservation.  The guest will automatically receive one email letting them know that the request is in process, then a second confirmation email.

Direct Inn Features and Options 
Useful information for current Direct Inn customers
Because the Direct Inn booking engine is inexpensive, many of our customers take advantage of it.  However, there are options within Direct Inn that you may not be aware of.  Once you have downloaded Direct Inn and have setup the link on your website, you can customize the colors.  The default colors look like THIS.  These may not be the best colors for your particular website. If you would like to change the colors, you can choose from several pre-set color options, or you can completely customize them.

To change the colors, click on the icon of the blue house on the bottom right corner of your computer screen.  Click the ‘Direct Inn’ button.  Click ‘Property Setup’.  Then click ‘Web Style’ (bottom left corner).  You can choose a pre-set color scheme, or choose ‘custom colors’ on the drop down menu.

This same screen includes a few other options.  If you are using an iframe to display Direct Inn on your website, you can choose to remove the Direct Inn header by unclicking this option.  You can click the option to allow more than one room to be booked at a time.  To allow only one room to be booked at a time, unclick this option.

If you have opted for Direct Inn with Pictures you can add a picture of the property and one picture of the room with each room type.  To do this, go back to ‘Property Setup’.  Click the File icon next to the ‘Property Picture’ field.  You can then choose a picture from your computer.

To add a picture with each room type, go back to the main Direct Inn screen, then choose ‘Room Setup’.  Choose a room type and click ‘Edit’.  To add a picture, click the File icon next to the ‘Room Picture’ field.  You can use this screen to change other options, such as the Web Description, maximum guests in room, extended description, etc.

One of the most important options in Direct Inn, and probably the most underutilized feature, is Rate Rules.  You can setup rate rules based on % Occupancy, Days of the Week, specific Date Ranges, Extra adult/child fees, etc.  Controlling your rates through these Rate Rules will help greatly increase your ADR!

Contact our support team if you have any questions about your Direct Inn booking engine or any of these and other options.  Our support staff would be happy to answer your questions and assist with making any necessary changes or update.

If you do not currently have Direct Inn, please give us a call!  We can provide other website references upon request and answer any questions about functionality and cost.