Demo Videos

Demo Videos

In order to show you the ease of use and functionality that our property management software and hardware solutions provide, we offer the following demo videos.

These helpful videos will allow you to become familiar with our hardware and software solutions, as well as gain the skill and knowledge to manage them. They can also serve as the perfect staff training tools to educate employees on our products and services.

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Grid Functionalities Tutorial for Check-Inn V6

Learn more about the new features on the main screen of the Check-Inn PMS.

EMV for Check-Inn V6

View a quick demo of EMV and add our credit card processing interface to Check-Inn.

Monitoring Hotel Status for Check-Inn V6

Learn how to monitor and manage your hotel status from the main screen of Check-Inn.

Creating a Reservation in Check-Inn V6

Learn how to create a reservation in version 6 of the Check-Inn PMS.

How to Check In Guests Using Check-Inn V6

A tutorial on how to check-in guests using Check-Inn.

Program Updates and Back-up Tutorial for Check-Inn V6

Learn how to get support, back-ups, and program updates for Check-Inn V6 PMS.

Advanced ID Scanner for Check-Inn

Speed up registration and minimize errors with the ID Scanner, which auto-fills information directly into your guest folio.

Signature Pad for Check-Inn

Streamline front desk operations and go paperless with Signature Pad for Check-Inn.