Computer Systems Maintenance

Regardless of what Property Management System (PMS) provider you are currently using, it is very important to maintain healthy, clean computer systems with adequate backups. Because your hotel software is likely in use for most of the day (and often 24/7), your front desk personnel will usually first notice computer or network issues when they impact software functionality. If you notice any issues with Check-Inn, please call Innsoft Support and be prepared to bring in your local technician for additional assistance if it is deemed necessary.

We have several recommendations to help you maintain your systems.  These should help prevent costly errors and downtime, and are useful regardless of whether or not you are new to using computers in your day to day front desk operations.  If you have any questions about the recommendations below, please contact Innsoft Support:

  1. Establish a working relationship with a local technician and schedule 6 month maintenance checks (at least).  Ask the technician to regularly check your UPS (uninterruptible power supply), anti-virus/anti-malware, firewall, routers, printers, other hardware, etc.  The technician should work with you on adjusting your computer settings for optimal performance and discuss what programs you don’t need that can be removed to improve processing speed.  The tech should also check your drives, fan operation, etc. Enter the technician’s contact information in Check-Inn (using hot keys) so that in the event of an emergency you can quickly call him or her.
  2. If you do not have a UPS, purchase one for each PC as soon as possible.
  3. If you provide Wi-Fi for your guests, make sure that it is setup through a separate internet connection and router from your front desk.  If not, work with your local technician to establish a separate network for guest use.
  4. Check that your front desk is using a high speed, wired internet connection (that is on a separate network from the guest Wi-Fi).
  5. Avoid allowing clerks and other personnel to use your business computers for social media and other web surfing.  If this has been an ongoing issue, ask your local technician about firewall options to restrict employee access to the internet.  Consider adding a “leisure” computer for your employees.
  6. Check that the PCs are physically clean, both internally and externally.  A build up of dust and dirt can quickly impact the functionality of all your equipment.
  7. Outside of your ~6 month maintenance checks, regularly check for software updates, including to your web browser (such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) and to your operating system (such as Windows Vista, 7, and 8).  If you have other software systems (including internet services) that you use regularly, check for updates often to avoid potential security issues.
  8. If you are still running Windows XP, please upgrade to a newer operating system as soon as possible!  Microsoft has ended support for this operating system and there are already security flaws that can impact your computer.  Check-Inn is a very stable system, so we talk to many hoteliers that do not feel that upgrading is necessary.  While we understand that budget is always a factor, using an operating system that is no longer supported can result in security breaches, leading to anything from data leaks (that you may never know about) to complete computer failure.  It is very important to upgrade now!
  9. Regularly check the settings for your auto-backup location.  Oftentimes hoteliers will change the location from the default to an external drive or cloud backup service.  If the external drive (such as a flash drive) is removed, or the cloud backup service is disconnected, then you will have no backups available unless you are also performing manual daily backups (highly recommended).
  10. Call Innsoft Support when you have questions about software functionality and/or performance.