Checking-Inn to the New Year

It’s the New Year and I wanted to kickoff the year by providing a quick update to the much-anticipated interface.  Barring any unforeseen issues, we should be able to offer this option starting next week.  Stay tuned to our Social Media for more information.

If you are not yet a customer and are interested in learning more about their service or signing up you can contact them through their online form:


The Winter Quarterly Check-Inn Newsletter is due to go out shortly.  If you have made any recent changes to your property mailing address please call or email us with the correct information.  I am working on the newsletter now and we should start mailing these next week.Now I would like to take some time to go over some (admittedly) boring technical information.I want to remind everyone with an active Service Contract to check to see if you are on the most up-to-date version of Check-Inn.  If you have an internet connection, you can click on the Question Mark in the top left corner of the main screen of Check-Inn.  This screen will tell you if there is a more recent version of the software available.  If so, just click the ‘Download Updates’ button.  We are currently on Check-Inn version 5.0, release 72.Many properties are located in areas occasionally affected by extreme weather, such as heavy Winter snows, hurricanes, high winds, ice, tornadoes, lightning and other systems.  Suddenly losing power can seriously affect your computer systems.  We highly recommend installing a UPS (uninterruptible power supply).  In the event of a power outage or surge, a UPS provides a stable power supply.

Are you backing up your information daily?  Check-Inn backs up your data twice a day, but only to your hard drive.  If your hard drive fails, you could be at risk of losing very important information.  We highly recommend either backing up daily to an external device (such as a flash drive) or using an online backup service like Carbonite.  You can contact our tech support team if you have any questions about options.

Are you considering switching to a new computer with Windows 8 or upgrading to Windows 8?  We have tested our software and hardware on Windows 8 so please be assured that we do support the new operating system.  However, we do not recommend switching to Windows 8 until it has been out long enough for a few major Service Packs.

That’s enough tech information for now.  Thank you and Happy New Year!