Check-Inn Tech Support

At Innsoft, Inc. we have always been committed to assisting our customers with their bottom line.  To minimize the amount of recurring charges we offer a low cost Service Contract for $300 per year.  This contract includes unlimited calls to our Tech Support team, updates to any software purchased from Innsoft (released about once a month) and discounted Afterhours Emergency Support calls.Many of our customers have expressed concerns regarding the Afterhours Emergency Support calls.  Some PMS vendors have moved to a 24 x 7 support system by utilizing contracted call center support.  To provide these types of services they charge large annual Service Contracts.  Also, the support personnel usually have only basic knowledge of the systems that property owners utilize.  We have considered this option but in the interests of our customer base, we have chosen to maintain our current setup.The reason we have chosen not to provide 24 x 7 support is that we prefer for our customers to have access to quality tech support professionals that understand our software as well as many of the other systems that our customers use on a regular basis.  The price for 24 x 7 support is substantial and most customers call support infrequently enough to prohibit the need for the large cost increase this would require.

For our customers convenience we provide an Afterhours Emergency Support service available until 11 PM Pacific Time, 7 days a week.  The support professionals that operate this line are the same personnel that you work with regularly at Innsoft, Inc.  For our customers with active Service Contracts, we charge a small, $35 per call or issue fee for the service.  This charge exists only so that we can provide the afterhours service for our customers.  Some customers use this service a few times per year but the vast majority of properties call in to the emergency line one time or less every year.

Because of this, to keep the costs down for you, our customers, we have chosen to continue providing the lowest cost support contract possible and optional afterhours calls that are billed.  We are considering offering a higher cost Support Contract that includes a limited number of Afterhours Support calls.  We would love to hear from our customers to let us know if you prefer the current $300 Support Contract or if you would like us to offer a higher cost Service Contract that includes a limited number of afterhours calls.  Please let us know!  You can reach out to us at 503-643-8162, option 1 or fill out our Feedback Form

Thank you for your continued business.  We appreciate your time and your feedback!

Brandi Whitaker
General Manager
Innsoft, Inc.