Check-Inn v5.0: Release 100

We have released Check-Inn v5.0, release 100.
Please contact Innsoft Sales or Innsoft Support if you have questions.

Check-Inn Release Log:

– Fixed issue where Check-Inn backups could potentially fail if there was a very large number of signature files saved in a single month.
– Fixed minor issue with room status when changing rooms in early morning hours.
–  Occasionally when scanning an ID, there is an interruption during the process that could be caused from a variety of reasons beyond the control of Check-Inn. Released enhancement to prevent outside interruptions from locking up Check-Inn.
– Fixed minor grammatical and cosmetic issues.

We have released the Innsoft Reservation Client (IRC) v4.55
To install the latest release of the IRC, open it by clicking on the small house icon in your system tray. Click on any of the interface buttons, click “Utilities” and click “Update Program”.

Innsoft Reservation Client (IRC) Log:

Added vertical scroll bar in Extended Web Room Description box of the Direct Inn interface. This will allow customers to be able to easily scroll through text rather than needing to move the cursor.