Check-Inn Redesign

We are in the middle of several big projects right now, but the largest by far is a redesign of the Check-Inn PMS software. The new design will have added functionality on the main screen, including User Defined Buttons, an improved Reservation Grid, additional Notes, Events and Diary functionality and greatly improved notification of available updates, Service Contract status and access to support.

The new look is very different from the Check-Inn all of our customers are familiar with, but the actual layout and navigation will remain similar.  Notable differences will include how the program moves between screens and the ability to size the screen as desired.  It will easily move to full screen size without needing to go into Change Settings.

We are at the beginning stages of the redesign and are soliciting feedback from our customers.  Feel free to click on the image above to take a look at the new Main Menu design.  Please let us know if you have any concerns about these future changes or if you would like to provide us feedback regarding functionality you would like to see added to the main menu.

Thank you for your help in improving our software!

9 thoughts on “Check-Inn Redesign

  1. One change you might consider is to be able to change the guest rate w/o having to check the guest out and then check them back in.

  2. Hi Bruce,
    Thank you for the feedback! We are mainly working on the front page redesign right now, but I will provide this feedback to the development team so we can work it in as we proceed forward with enhancements. Please continue letting us know how we can improve Check-Inn to better meet your needs!

  3. Please explore if you can include functionality for digital customer signatures so we can permanently do away with paper registration cards!!

  4. Hi Ankoor,
    Thank you for your feedback. We are finishing up development of a signature pad option for Check-Inn as we speak! Please check back with us frequently. Once it is released, we will announce it on the blog and our social media pages.

  5. Hi New look is great thought if there can be different color code on the grid for different channels like for GDS , Expedia ,,
    so when we look at the grid we would know by color code with the name as you have. Also would love to see in Direct Inn where on the calendar rates can be changed on a specific date by pointing to the date on the calendar.

  6. When will the new look be rolled out? Also can reports be customiezed at the site level and in excel?

  7. We are in the very beginning stages of the redesign. We do not have an estimated completion date as of this time but you will not likely see the new version for some time. Keep an eye on our Social Media and blog for news.
    For information regarding our report options, please call our Tech Support team at 503-643-8162, option 2. The new version of Check-Inn will have different features but we are not currently working on reports (Redesigning Check-Inn is a very large, complex project). However, we sometimes include upgrades to our report features in our monthly updates.
    If you would like to submit suggestions, please see our Feedback Form:
    Thank you!

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