Check-Inn Redesign Update

Check-Inn v.6.0, small screen, regular grid

Work continues on the Check-Inn redesign! Check-Inn version 6.0 will be a complete new look and feel. Because every screen of the program is being modernized (including background processes not “seen” by the end-user), the development is a complex project involving the work of multiple programmers, technicians, quality assurance, and testers.

Check-Inn v.6.0, full screen, large grid

We have been listening to our customers for feedback on design and functionality. We have often heard that no matter what we do to the program, the most important thing is to keep the navigation through Check-Inn easy and intuitive. It is very important for us to make sure that the thousands of current users are happy with the flow of the program.The main screen of Check-Inn will have a different look, with modern functionality. The reservation grid will now reside on the main screen, and can easily be re-sized to take up the full screen. This will allow a broad view of more rooms across a longer time-frame.There will be several new features added to the main screen, such as reservation grid right-click functionality. This includes:  check-in/out, change reservation date, cancel reservation, and more. The bars of the grid will show the primary guest name, and mouse-over will reveal additional details, such as the full name, arrival/departure date and guest telephone number.There will now be a status box that will clearly indicate the status of both automatic and manual backups. Even more importantly, you will have the option to set the second auto-backup to a different location.  The second auto-backup can be set to a cloud backup service, external device, separate server or secondary hard drive.  So even if one system completely fails, you will have peace of mind knowing that you can easily restore from your secondary auto-backup.  However, we still highly recommend performing periodic manual backups.

A great deal of development and testing remains to be completed before Check-Inn v.6.0 is ready for release. Take a look at the screenshots and let us know what you think!