Check-Inn Monthly Software Update

Today we released an update to Check-Inn v5.0, release 93. We release updates on a monthly basis. Today’s release contains a large number of bug fixes and other changes that you may or may not notice impact your system functionality.

We released a larger than usual number of bug fixes as part of our ongoing development of Check-Inn v6.0. Any update to the current system (5.0) will also be part of Check-Inn 6.0, which will allow for a smooth transition once the new system is released (tentatively scheduled for late 2014/early 2015).

Please give Innsoft Support a call if you have any questions about the current release available for download. To download the new release, click the Question Mark in the upper left corner of Check-Inn, then click “Download Update”. If you do not have an active Service Contract, contact us for renewal options.

A few of the updates that have been included in this month’s release:

  1. No-shows will now count on the Occupancy Report.
  2. No-shows original confirmation number and guest number will correctly show on the Advanced Shift Report.
  3. Aborted check-in and reservations show up on the Advanced Shift Report.
  4. Sales items for reservations now appear in the Advanced Shift Report.
  5. Reservations and check-ins that are not completed are now showing on the Advanced Shift Report.
  6. Advanced Shift Report now tracks when scanned ID images are deleted by a user.
  7. Improved Tax Exempt Report for guests that change rooms, and other small report improvements.
  8. Changed behavior when printing to XPS document writer. Document is now auto-saved to a specific location to prevent hanging in Check-Inn.
  9. Email functionality improvements. Email should not cause lockups of Check-Inn.
  10. Improved restore functionality, search in guest history, quick guest search, how information is moved from a guest to accounts receivable, etc..
  11. Increased amount of time information is held in Account History Report. Now holds information up to 5 years (not retroactive).
  12. Corrected various small issues and various small typos.
  13. Improved IRC (Innsoft Reservation Client) communications.

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