Check-Inn Backups

Flash drive

Backing up the data on your computer is an essential part of running your business.  Not backing up your data regularly risks serious data loss.  Data loss can be caused by many different issues, such as power outages, network issues, user error, PC malfunctions, etc.  Every business at some point must deal with the results of data loss and backups are mandatory for adequate data recovery.Manual BackupsInnsoft, Inc. strives to make data backup as effortless as possible.   We highly recommend manual daily backups, in addition to the auto backups performed by Check-Inn twice daily.  Manual backups can be completed using external USB flash drives (often called thumb drives or jump drives).  You can purchase these small, inexpensive drives at many different online or local retailers, such as Wal-Mart, Target, pharmacy stores, Radio Shack, Amazon, etc.

Once you have a backup storage device, such as a USB flash drive, give the Innsoft Tech Support team a call and they will walk you through the process to back up your data.  The process only takes a minute or two.

Cloud Backups

Innsoft does not provide nor support cloud backups at this time.  However, there are many different online providers available for cloud backup solutions.  Many of these services are easy to use and completely free of charge.

Before setting up your cloud backup and changing the default backup options in Check-Inn, please call Innsoft Tech Support to discuss how to properly configure the backup utility.  Incorrectly configured backups can lead to file damage in Check-Inn.  In order to back up the requested files, the backup utility “locks” the applicable file(s).  During this time Check-Inn may not be able to “see” the file and could try to recreate it.  This duplication can cause serious problems.

Innsoft Tech Support recommends setting your Cloud backup service to back up the Auto Folder (usually located at C:CheckInnAuto).  We do NOT recommend backing up the entire Check-Inn folder.  Please be aware that you should perform this backup a few hours after the Check-Inn auto backup has been completed.

Contact Innsoft Tech Support today for more information and assistance with your backups.