Call-Inn Call Accounting Software

Call-In Accounting Property Management System
Call-Inn is a convenient, affordable way to charge for calls placed from room phones. The Windows-based system automatically charges phone fees to the guest’s folio in the Check-Inn property management system.

Features of Call-Inn Hotel PMS

  • Installs in minutes.
  • Runs in the background on computers equipped with Check-Inn property management software.
  • Calculates local, domestic, international, directory assistance, and specialty calls.
  • Compatible with alternate long distance carriers.
  • Customizable—Choose from fixed, flat and variable rate structures.
  • Allows for multiple local zones based on prefix, as defined by the property manager.
  • Enforces credit limits by disabling room phones.*
  • Produces multiple phone use reports, which may be saved for future analysis.
  • Updated for U.S. and Canadian area codes.
  • World-class technical support from our knowledgeable staff.

Enjoy hassle-free, effective call management with Call-Inn software. Review our Pricing page for more information.

* Dial-up modem required.