Extra Adult Rates

The interface is a very popular option for properties to automate the reservation process between and Check-Inn. This is a two-way connection that allows Check-Inn to automatically download reservations and automatically upload rates and availability to

One limitation of the interface a few properties have experienced is with advertising rates for 3 or more adults on through the interface. Normally, can receive up to 2 prices for a room for any given date. This would be the price for a single person in the room and the price for more than one person in the room (everyone else).

With this standard setup, there is no direct way to send rates for different numbers of guests (such as a different rate for a 2nd, 3rd, and/or 4th person). However, if you would like to configure extra adult rates for your property, there is an alternative way to do this through use of derived pricing. Derived pricing refers to rates based off the standard rate for the room.

You will need to work with Innsoft and your Account Representative in order to setup derived pricing and configure 3rd and 4th person rates. If you have questions about this option or would like to begin the process of setting up derived pricing, please contact Innsoft Support and we will walk you through this process and answer any questions.

Another way to make more money from and our other online reservation interfaces is by setting rates for over 365 days in the future. Not setting rates a year or more out could cause your property to miss out on reservations from guests attempting to reserve a room far in advance. There are a couple of different options available for setting rates and availability far into the future. Please contact Innsoft Support for help with setting up your rates.

Not using the interface? Give Innsoft Sales a call for information about this low-cost, money-making service for Check-Inn!

2 thoughts on “ Extra Adult Rates

  1. Is it possible to add the Travel Agent when a reservation is made thru automatically. We are manually inputting the Travel Agent once the reservations is made.

  2. Hello Mr. Patel,
    It is not currently possible to add the Travel Agent automatically with interfaced reservations. However, we have received this feedback from one of our properties and have created a feature request for it. It is being considered for implementation in a future software release.
    Thank you for your feedback!

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