Regularly backing up your data is extremely important. But when it comes to your business software, it is vital. Backups may be needed in many different instances. Stormier seasons can lead to power outages. Aging PCs, outdated/non-existent anti-virus software, and non-supported operating systems can cause file damage. Or computers may suddenly have unanticipated issues (it’s like buying a new car, even new ones can have problems!).

We want to provide a few tips to all of our customers in order to help insure that your business data is secure and backed up:

  1. Regularly verify the Check-Inn auto-backup path (the location on your computer where the auto-backup saves). This can be changed from the default location. If the new location is removed or damaged, your auto-backup will no longer work. An example of this is when the auto-backup is set to a flash drive, and the flash drive is removed, you will no longer have any auto-backups.
  2. If you use a cloud backup service, we HIGHLY recommend setting your cloud backup service to back up the AUTO folder (usually located at C:CheckInnAuto). Please do NOT back up the entire Check-Inn folder as this can easily cause data corruption and operational issues. Please be aware that you should perform your cloud backup a few hours after the Check-Inn auto backup has been completed.
  3. Add a manual backup as part of your daily/night audit procedure. We highly suggest keeping the auto-backup to your hard drive, then setting the manual backup to an external drive (such as a flash drive).
  4. All computers should have an anti-virus program installed and kept up-to-date. We recommend setting scans to run once daily.
  5. Check that you are using a supported, up-to-date Windows operating system (Windows XP is no longer supported.) We recommend Windows 7 or Windows 8.

If you need any assistance or have questions with the above recommendations, please contact Innsoft Support.

Don’t have an active Service Contract? Give Innsoft a call! This is a great time to renew/upgrade because Check-Inn 6.0 is nearing completion!